Finnish Timber

Finnish Timber

Wood grows slowly in the demanding northern conditions of Finland. The Finnish wood we use as raw material has small and healthy knots and high density. Thanks to this, its breaking strength and elasticity properties are second to none. This is why the spruce and pine used by Keitele Group enable the manufacturing of high-quality, extra strong structures and spectacular wood products.

We purchase our timber from the best coniferous forests of Finland. We only use raw wood material from Finnish economic forests that have been carefully managed. Practically all Finnish forests have a PEFC certificate. Our timber acquisition partners are conscientious forest owners who manage their forests according to the best practises and legislation, respecting sustainable development.

The number of trees in Finnish forests is increasing every year through forestation and growth significantly over and above what is utilised through wood processing and natural loss. According to an official stocktaking, Finland’s forests grow annually by approximately 110 million cubic metres, which allows for sustainable logging of 75 million cubic metres per year.In the 21st Century, on average less than 60 million cubic metres have been harvested; in other words over 20% of the growth has not been utilised.

Finnish coniferous forests are renewed roughly every 100 years. By taking care of the forests regularly, the conditions for growth are improved. At the same time, the natural forest environment remains diverse and offers a great setting also for recreational use.

Finnish wood is an ecological raw material and a renewable natural resource. The use of wood slows climate change, because wood products and living forests bind carbon dioxide for long periods of time.