Landmark years

Milestones in the history
of Keitele Forest Oy

The company was founded.

A completely new sawmill with state-of-the-art technology was brought into use in Keitele. Increased production resulted in the company more than doubling net sales.

Keitele Forest Wood Production brought into use a heavy-duty planing line and optimising cut-to-length line which it used to start making components and blanks for window industry.

A small log line was built in Keitele to align the company’s sawing capacity with the changing forest image and availability of logs.

Completion of Keitele Engineered Wood Oy’s gluelam factory. The company’s drying capacity was increased in conjunction with the manufacture of glue-lam timber.

Fresh sorting and sticking plant for the small log line.

Completion of an extensive modernisation investment project of the main saw line in Keitele.

Keitele Timber Oy expanded its sawing business to Alajärvi through corporate acquisition.

Lappi Timber Oy begins sawmill operations in Kemijärvi and Keitele Wood Products Oy the gluelam production in the same industrial estate which is located above the arctic circle.