Production Process

Technology and the Production Process

Keitele Group’s customer-driven ideology extends from the sourcing of raw material to the delivery of finished products. Keitele Timber Oy’s sawmills in Keitele and Alajärvi, together with sawmill in Kemijärvi employ suitable technologies to saw timber of all sizes and quality ratings. Further processing of the timber is the remit of Keitele Engineered Wood Oy units in Keitele and Kemijärvi.

Log Sorting

Keitele Timber Oy employs the latest production technologies harnessed to the needs of our customers. Timber ordered is delivered to the sawmills to schedule based on customer orders. The logs are then sorted and measured without intermediate storage. Keitele’s modern technologies and 84 compartments guarantee precise and correct sorting. The 40 compartments at Alajärvi are adequate for the sawmill needs. The latest technology is employed to sort logs, as well as for measuring and mechanics, at Kemijärvi, where the sorting line is capable of sorting logs and small-diameter logs as short as 2.5 metres in length. Kemijärvi mill also utilizes x-ray technology in log sorting.


All sawing lines of Keitele Group represent the most modern technology within the industry. Keitele has two sawing lines; a chipper bandsaw-line for big logs and a HewSaw- line for small logs. Both Alajärvi and Kemijärvi are implementing HewSaw- technology. The lines produce an excellent saw cut and their flexibility allows us to produce special dimensions. Fresh sorting of sawn timber is done at Keitele Timber Oy using state-of-the-art computer vision sorting. Our sawing lines for small diameter logs represent the latest technology in the industry. A log measuring device measures each log and the saw line uses the results of computer optimisation analysis to profile and split each log into the best possible heartwood products and side cuts in either fixed or movable position. We can also produce heart free and greensplit special products for construction industry and joineries.


Keitele Timber Oy's drying capacity has been increased to meet the current production volumes and the latest investments have been done in 2015. The company dries all of the sawn timber it produces. The drying process is computer controlled and monitored. Both conventional chamber kilns and new progressive kilns are used to dry sawn timber to shipping dry, special dry or to the moisture level the customer has requested. Dried goods are left to cool down in the covered cooling down storages before packaging.

Sorting and Packaging

The state-of-the-art dry sorting and packaging factory was completed in 1998 and modernized in 2012. The quality and moisture of sawn timber products are checked in mechanical or visual dry sorting using four sorter units. Timber is cut into modules of 30, 15, 10 or 5 cm or into special lengths, after which the pieces are stamped with a quality stamp. All units are equipped with Precigrader strength grading machines. Finished sawn timber is packaged and protected in accordance with customer's wishes.

Storage and shipping

Finished sawn timber is stored in warehouses, two of which have air-drying equipment required for special dried timber. Sawn timber is delivered using Keitele Group's outbound logistics system and according to customers' orders either by ship, from door to door by trucks, or in containers to all parts of the world.

Primary further processing

Keitele Wood Product's heavy-duty planing and splitting line was taken into use in the summer of 1999, and it and ensures the efficient production of various planed products. The bandsaw has two blades and can split either to the high or low edge. The maximum speed of the line is 300 meters per minute. It can produce both bar coded and end tongued and grooved products, as well as products packed in mini-packages or shrink plastic. In addition, the line can produce precision end trimmed (PET) –products.

Finger jointing

Keitele Wood Products has two finger-jointing lines for different purposes. The newest addition to the value added products line is the structural finger-jointing factory built in 2015/2016. This line produces from MSR sawn timber long FJ timbers up to 17,5m in length and 300mm width. Structural fingers and clear color melamine glue ensure strength and durability in all conditions. The other finger-jointing line is specialized in producing FJ material from short pieces and either structural or visual finger type can be utilized.

Manifacturing glued laminated timber

Keitele Wood Products is a leading manufacturer of structural gluelam for housing companies throughout the World. Keitele gluelam factory was the first integrated gluelam factory where all the phases of gluelam production are under one roof and efficiently integrated. Today Keitele mill has two pressing lines super efficient lamella planing and gluelam planing lines. Brand new Kemijärvi mill is even more integrated to the next door rawmaterial production and in practice the production entity converts high quality pine logs into certified gluelam under the same roof. Both production units are JAS –certified.

Please contact our sales team for additional information about our complete product range. We are more than happy to assist you in the selection of the needed products. We are capable of supplying the wood the way you want it!